How to write an Argumentative Research Paper Outline

Tips to Become a Better Academic Writing Student

It is essential to know the basics of writing academic papers, even if you want to excel in that academic discipline. When you master the writing guide, you will develop content that will boost your performance. A perfect draft will allow you to conduct thorough research and know all the essential points to include in the text. 

Expert writers will develop a thesis statement that clearly states the ideas of your paper. It also has a particular thought that supports it. The author should expound on the research in detail and show the relevance to the field. Formatting your paper will also depend on your tutor’s requirements. However, you should know the general outline you can follow to provide unique content. 

Your paper outline should allow you to write the introduction first before writing the body. The first paragraph is significant because it should help the reader grasp the topic more quickly. Next, the paragraphs should contain supporting arguments backed up with references. 

The arguments should support the key points. If they lack compelling evidence, the writer should pause the writing process until they can justify their opinions. Write a strong introduction to wow the reader and inform them about the issue. The introduction provides information about the thesis statement and connects it with your arguments. It should also provide information that informs the reader. 

The body needs to provide the biggest challenge to the reader. Here, you must take an opposing point of view but provide evidence that shows why you feel your opinion is right. The approach has the power to divide a reader and motivate them to join your side. 

Tips to Use When Creating an Outline

When writing your report, you should avoid using obvious opinions. Choose an approach that can persuade a reader. Begin by identifying a problem and look into different possibilities. When creating the outline, ensure you answer the question, What do I want to achieve? How can I answer it? When you know that, start constructing your paper. 

Using ambiguous terms will make your text look vague. When drafting your outline, it is crucial to know the guidelines for it. One reason for using ambiguous words is that it allows you to use a topic sentence to hook the reader. Avoid the use of double-words because your report’s word count will have a significant impact on your final score.

Your outline should start with an introduction that gives a clear and concise description of the topic. The introduction should be linked to the rest of the paragraphs by the body paragraphs. You can use two sentences at a time to give the reader enough information to know what to expect in each section. Provide an important fact that introduces the argument. You can add evidence from reviews or various scholarly sources. 

Next, provide a thesis statement that offers a single thought supporting your thoughts. Do not introduce the idea again and again, but develop it into a new point. The main idea should be stated so that anyone who comes across the paper can grasp it easily. Do not forget to explain the significance of your work by reinforcing the thesis. You will know if you have a well-written paper if your sources meet the expected standards.  

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