What Does Research Proposal Contain?

What Does Research Proposal Contain?

A research proposal is an essential part of any research project. The document gives the instructor a vivid idea of the objectives, research design, methods and research resources. As such, the proposal needs to be written in an organized format.

Components of a Research Proposal

A research proposal can either be a thesis or a research project, depending on the instructions from the relevant department. This section contains all the elements that are expected for your project. Below is a breakdown of the essential sections in a research proposal.


This is usually a page-long text that explains the aims, objectives, research methods and a conclusion. The abstract should be straight to the point and direct readers to the next section. State the word count and title of your research proposal and all the relevant resources.


The introduction gives a background on the study, speculates on the ideas to focus on and presents the research questions. It should also give a brief overview of the proposed work and provide a justification for your study goals.

All the background information that supports your study should be in the introduction section. The topic of study should also be specified and should be made clear. Avoid stating that your study is about your family background or has a link to a particular area.

Literature Review

Discusses the strengths of other research on the same subject and how the current one differs. Find out if other researchers have conducted similar studies and if yours has enough of them. Give a brief description of the strengths that support your chosen topic and explain what you would add to existing studies.

Share your challenges and challenges that you may be facing in the study and why you need to use different methods. Also, discuss the research methods that are most suitable for conducting the study and which ones should be used to examine the outcomes.

Research Design

Describes how you will collect your data and how you will interpret it. Provide practical strategies that work to convince the committee to agree to your study proposals. For instance, you may include a randomized controlled trial in your research design if it works well in other studies.


Explain the specific procedures that will be used in the study. Depending on the type of study, you may use a qualitative or quantitative method. Every research method must be clear in terms of what the reader needs to know and how it works. Include the procedures used in an electronic survey, an interview or the use of questionnaires.

Research Resources

List the sources you will use and which materials to include. The methods and resources used to conduct the research must also be specified. Additionally, the lab techniques and equipment used must also be made clear.

Lastly, give a short final paragraph on the study that addresses any other relevant information. This part allows you to outline any changes that you want to make to the research.

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