Steps in Paraphrasing a Tricksy English Sentence

Steps in Paraphrasing a Tricksy English Sentence

First of all, you have to understand the definition of paraphrasing. A paraphrase is a translation of someone’s work using the original wording. It involves changing the context and showcasing the words in a different language.

English Sentences Paraphrased in Style

A good writer should use appropriate grammar in paraphrasing. A sentence that fails to have grammatical errors, it might be termed as clumsy. Many times, students would fail to apply proper grammar in their paraphrasing work, making their documents irrelevant.

Guidelines in Paraphrasing a Tricksy English Sentence

Now, what does the typical paraphrasing look like?

  • Changing words:
  • Adding quotation marks:
  • Punctuation:
  • Punctuation corrections:

Paraphrasing is all about changing a specific word into another one in a particular context. The above examples will capture the essence of paraphrasing.

Who is the source to paraphrase?

The first step in paraphrasing is assessing if the source is true or not. The best course to adopt is to understand the original sentence. Be quick to point out any claims made by the source as genuine. If you can detect any negative impact from it, then you should never paraphrase it.

Defining the source of your paraphrased sentences

A good source will always provide a call to action. It will indicate how to achieve the desired end. For instance, a person might use the hook in the example sentence as a call to action.

If you can check if the source makes claims that contradict with the subject, you have a chance to convert it to a paraphrase.

Using keywords from the source to introduce your paraphrases

Some words such as:

  1. prompt
  2. question
  3. result
  4. question
  5. advice

Would you like to know if the person writing the paraphrased sentence is a success? You can ascertain that by checking if the written texts or quotes have the right keywords. If you manage to insert the stated words in your reports without changing their meaning, you can paraphrase the sentence.

How to use quotes when paraphrasing a tricky English sentence?

A good source will always provide a link to complete a sentence. Most quoting programs, which you can pick from the internet, will come with a quotation in case you are unsure about using it. But now, you must read through the entire sentence and confirm that it is a direct quote.

How to manage your paraphrases?

What should you include in your paraphrases? You must provide a worth report to have a chance of scoring better grades. Here are tips to make your report more appealing:

  1. Do not change a specific term
  2. Be keen to use in the right way
  3. Proofread your work

Paraphrasing a sentence should be a simple process that is easy to achieve with the above-stated tips. Remember, paraphrasing involves translation of a specific sentence, and the entire text should be translated to another language.

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