Revisiting Paraphrasing: Can We Finally Rely On Effective Techniques?

Debatable Paraphrasing Technique? Let’s find out

As seen above, paraphrasing involves using words from another author without changing their meaning. This makes the work of rewriting the text with clarity possible. This presents an excellent opportunity for student writers to score points in their academic performances. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to convert a different text without losing the author’s essence.

What are the appropriate tools to use to edit your paper if you don’t have the needed aptitudes? Here are a couple of strategies you should try while rewording.

Simplify Simplicity

Since rewording involves removing words, you should try to change the structure to simplify. It becomes easy to rewrite the text if you align the paragraphs so that they appear as one. This aligns the paragraphs so that they represent the author’s intent.

Remove Any Filler Words

At this point, it might seem impossible to remove any unnecessary words, especially when the text is short. If you find a word that is unnecessary, try removing it at the time the sentence is stating. This helps to maintain consistency in your paper. Similarly, you should try to eliminate all adjectives, adverbs, and modifiers from your rewording.

Remove Sub-par Sentences

Here is a factor you must always keep in mind while rewording. It helps to reread your document to ensure the paragraphs flow logically and naturally. After reading, you should consider adding the sentences so that each sentence adds more meaning to the subject. Remember to remove any word that appears less than five times in the paragraph.

Replace All Defunct Phrases

After editing your text, you should re-read it as many times as possible to ensure that you remove the redundant phrases. You should then re-read the whole of the document to check for any missing sentences, all exclamation marks, and any missing words in your rewording. After that, you should be able to get a sense of whether your paper is perfect.

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